Project 1.5.

Characterize the distribution of mercury and methyl-mercury  in surface waters and freshwater biota of the Hudson Bay Lowlands

A. Sumner. Project 1.5.a

A. Sumner. Project 1.5.a


1.5.a. -Potential effect of climate on the bioaccumulation of
mercury in two large-bodied fish species in northern Ontario 

Alexandra Sumner, Laurentian University




G. Lescord. project 1.5b



1.5.b. – Modeling mercury (Hg) cycling and accumulation in aquatic biota across the Attawapiskat watershed; implications for subsistence fisheries and the Ring of Fire development in Ontario’s Far North
Gretchen Lescord, Laurentian University






1.5 Rachel DeJong

R. DeJong, Project 1.5c



The relationship between life history and tissue mercury concentration in subsistence fish of the Hudson Bay Lowlands
Rachel DeJong, University of Waterloo







Matthew H

M. Heerschap, Project 1.5c

Mercury concentrations and fatty acid compositions of subsistence fishes in coastal rivers of the Far North of Ontario
Matthew Heerschap, Laurentian University


Project Leader Contact Information:
John Gunn
Laurentian University

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