Project 2.3.

Cumulative effects of catchment disturbances on downstream ecosystem services in forested landscapes


Feedbacks and Dynamics of Aquatic Ecosystem Services in a Multi-use Watershed
Stephanie Tomscha, University of British Columbia

2.3 field







Dissolved organic matter controls on aquatic food webs and mercury accumulation in fish
Oscar Senar, University of Western OntarioOscar Senar






Linking Land Cover to Groundwater Nitrate: Approaches in Cross-Border Monitoring2.3 Tanya Gallagher
Tanya Gallagher, University of British Columbia







Are disturbances to Canada’s boreal aquatic ecosystems cumulative downstream of forest management activities?

Kelli Charbonneau, University of New Brunswick (Saint John) charbonneau_project-profile-pic








Project Leader Contact Information:

James Buttle
Trent University


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