Project 2.4./2.5

Identifying desired social, economic, and aquatic ecosystem service futures and policy implementation needed to sustainably manage forest ecosystems

Simulating wetland ecosystem services under different policy scenarios 
Francesco Accatino, Politecnico di MilanoFrancescoAccatino






The Preferential Loss of Small Geographically Isolated Wetlands on Prairie Landscapes
Jacqueline Serran, Western UniversityJacqueline Serran








Jason Igras 2.4-2.5

Managing cumulative ecosystem risk in Lake Erie from nutrient contributing stressors in the Grand River watershed
Jason Igras, Western University




“Keystone” Wetland for maintenance of vulnerable species in landscapes with different wetland network configurations
Patrizia Zamberletti, Politecnico di Milano












No wetland is an Island – Quantifying the contribution of individual wetlands to the resilience of species-at-risk on a prairie pothole landscape.
Marta Zaffaroni, Politecnico di Milano








Project Leader Contact Information:

Irena Creed
University of Western Ontario

Paul Sibley
University of Guelph

Marian Weber
Alberta Innovates


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