Project 3.3.

Calibrating the community size spectrum to serve as an indicator of the health of aquatic ecosystems

Project Overview

Subprojects:Cindy Chu

3.3.1 – Biomass size spectra as indicators of ecosystem health in Ontario’s inland lakes
Cindy Chu, Trent University





3.3.2 – Expanding biomass size spectra models

Henrique Correa Giacomini, University of Toronto






Mateus Farrareze

3.3.3 – Size spectra of fish assemblages: longitudinal and temporal variation in neotropical reservoirs
Mateus Ferrareze, University of Toronto







3.3.4 – Calibrating the zooplankton body-size spectrum to serve as an indicator of lake characteristics and environmental perturbations
Lauren Barth, University of Toronto3.3 Lauren Barth









3.3.5 Investigating how fish community size structure will change under a climate change drought scenario3.3 Abby
Abby Daigle, University of Toronto





Project Leader Contact Information:

Brian Shuter
OMNR/University of Toronto

Project Team:

Donald Jackson, University of Toronto,
Nigel Lester, University of Toronto,
Brian Shuter, OMNR/University of Toronto,
Gary Sprules, OMNR/University of Toronto,
Paul Blanchfield, DFO/University of Manitoba

Scott Milne, Milne Technologies
Kongsberg Engineering Staff
Steve Walker, McMaster University

Cindy Chu, University of Toronto, Postdoctoral Fellow
Henrique Giacomini, University of Toronto/University of Quebec Montreal, Postdoctoral Fellow

Dak de Kerckhove, University of Toronto, graduate student
Lauren Barth, University of Toronto, graduate student

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