Research Snapshots

Marta Zaffaroni, Project II.4/II.5
No Wetland is an Island – Quantifying the contribution of individual wetlands to the resilience of amphibian species-at-risk on a prairie pothole landscape


Vanessa Bourne, Project I.3
Structure and function of aquatic ecosystems of the Hudson Bay Lowlands



Lauren Twible, Project I.4
Linking Mining Wastewater Discharge to Methylmercury Production and Persistence in a Sub-Arctic Peatland



Matthew Heershap, Project I.5
Mercury concentrations and fatty acid compositions of subsistence fishes in coastal rivers of the Far North of Ontario


Tanya Gallagher, Project II.1
Linking land cover to groundwater nitrate: approaches in cross-border monitoring


Maitane Erdozain, Project II.2
Effect of forest condition on food web structure and other aquatic indicators in headwater streams in different regions of Canada





Sonja Teichert, Project II.4 – II.5
Cumulative stressors and the boreal forest



Camille O.Dallaire, Project III.1
Using the concepts of river classifications, environmental flow requirements, and aquatic ecosystem services to inform sustainable management strategies for large river basins with a focus on Canada


Karl Lamothe, Project III.4
Evaluating ecosystem condition by quantifying ecological resilience


Dalal Hanna, Project III.6
The conservation and sustainable use of riverine ecosystem services



Ira Suthernland, Project III.6
Understanding the trade-offs among ecosystem services along disturbance gradients


Dalal Hanna, Project III.6
Ecosystem service provisioning inside and outside of protected areas


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